Who we are is a platform that inspires the development of Africa’s Infrastructure by reporting on the activities that are shaping the continent’s future. We also have a quarterly magazine, “AfriStructure Magazine” that inspires the development of Africa’s infrastructure by showcasing good development case studies from the continent.
Our Community
We participate annually at the FIDIC-GAMA Conference for professionals. There, we dialogue with African stakeholders about potential solutions that could address the infrastructural deficit. We also affiliate ourself with other professionals like bankers, accountants, and lawyers because they influence infrastructural development.
The online community is actively engaged on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There, we share contents from our platform and spark discussions. We also have a weekly newsletter that is delivered directly to hundreds of professionals in our network. So far, we have thousands of visits to the platform.
Advertising with Us
The size of your organisation is not a prerequisite for advertising with us. Whether a small “mom and pop” shop or a national multi-billion dollar business, we are not fussed. The important thing is that you are very passionate about your brand, and would like to showcase the business using one or more of our channels to the global market.
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a.) Press Release in the Industry News Section on the platform
b.) Sponsored content on the platform
c.) Web Banner with Hyperlink on website
d.) Side Widget with hyperlink on website
e.) Special feature article on magazine
f.) Half, Full or Double page advert on Afristructure Magazine
1.) Visitors see your brand on our website.
2.) Our Community develop confidence in your brand.
3.) Executive members of professional associations get a complimentary copy of our magazine, making your brand visible to industry experts.
4.) Passengers at major international airports in and to African destinations will come across your brand while reading our contents.
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  1. This phrase serves as a means of letting people know you are in business. It conveys your business name and the type of products or services you offer (business information).
  2. Reach Out: It brings potential customers to your company/store who might otherwise never know you exist.
  3. Special Sales and Promotions: This method get people’s attention, perhaps someone has been thinking about getting a new machine or goods and when they learn about sales of your product, it could be just the incentive they need to make purchase.
  4. Hours of Operation: Advertising the days and hours your company/store will be open, this is to help prevent loss of sales. To avoid frustrating customer going to your company/store to get something they urgently need and realizing the place is closed on arrival.
  5. Word of Mouth: A satisfied customer will often tell others of their experience which can result in future sales. Media advertising in website, commerce magazine, tv and radio will get new customers who will then increase business by their spreading the word of their friends (media advice).
  6. Seasonal Promotions: Advertising of specialty items or seasonal products. Perhaps you sell products that only your company has locally, such as musical instruments, Christmas trees.
  7. Making potential customers feel more confident in a business they see advertised. It gives them the sense that the business is professional, stable and reputable.
  8. This goal is to keep their products names in front of customers. For instance, every time you watch a football game on TV, you will see beer advertisements and others.
  9. Consistent advertising yields the best results, a business that stops advertising may give customers the impression that the business is out of business.
  10. It is necessary to note that in business it takes money to make money. An old saying in the marketing industry is “Advertising does not cost”, it pays and advertising should be an investment that is included in a business annual budget.
  11. Helpful in Generating More Employment: Advertising is instrumental in generating more employment opportunities and creating diverse kinds of jobs. It provides jobs to software engineers, online ICT administrators, computer scientists, artists, screen printers, block-writers, painters etc. Today, advertising has become a profession. Some companies do only advertising job.