Africa50 on course to mobilise fund worth US $108 billion to bridge the infrastructural gap in Africa.

Africa50 is preparing to raise fund to bridge the gap in the sector. The firm is emerging as a key player in driving infrastructure investments of the nation. They are planning to raise an estimate of US $108 billion, after two years operations.

Chief Executive Officer of Africa50,  Alain Ebobissé said “I believe that a game changer to speed up project implementation. He also said that Africa50 has brought together key players from Africa’s public and private sectors.”

Before any implementation will occur, public and private sector stakeholders will have to realise the high risk of delay project. Meanwhile Africa50 has the ability to respond quickly to its stakeholder needs and could deploy capital from both private and public sources.

African Development Bank Group President and Chairman of Africa50, Akinwumi Adesina said “We need to act with speed and urgency. He also said that our people expect nothing else.”

Africa50 major role is simply enhancing the frameworks for public-private partnerships for infrastructure financing in Africa.


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