The Ministry of Works and Housing has received bids from five companies for the resumption of the Saglemi Housing Project, which has been stalled since 2012. Here are the key points from the ministry’s statement

The ministry received bids from five companies: Afro Arab Properties Ltd, Quarm-LMI Consortium, Dredge Masters-Titanium, Broll Ghana Ltd, and Masiltin Group. These companies were selected from an initial pool of 10 companies that submitted bids.

The selection process is being conducted with transparency and fairness as the Public Procurement Authority is assisting in choosing an independent evaluation entity to evaluate the bids.

The selected developer will be responsible for completing 1,506 housing units and essential infrastructure as part of the Saglemi Housing Project.

The ministry has committed to publishing all bids received and the evaluation report in accordance with the proactive disclosure sections of the Right to Information Act. The government aims to raise $100 million in private capital from an investor to fund the completion of the project. The selection process is expected to conclude by August 30, 2024.

This initiative underscores the government’s effort to revitalize a critical housing project and ensure accountability in the selection and execution processes.


SOURCE: AccraTimes

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