Ousman Jobateh, the Managing Director of the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA), announced that GPA will partner with the Albayrak & Negmar Consortium to design, build, finance, manage, operate, and eventually hand back the Port of Banjul Container Terminal, as well as develop a Deep Seaport at Sanyang. This partnership, part of a public-private arrangement, allows the consortium to invest in Banjul Ports for the next 35 years.

Jobateh explained that the agreement is structured as a grantor and shareholder model, meaning the government or GPA acts as both the landlord and a shareholder. The contract is expected to be signed in July, with a six-month condition precedent before it becomes effective. He reassured staff that their jobs will be protected and improved under the new operator.

The decision to expand comes as the Port of Banjul faces capacity challenges. An international tender was launched, attracting bids from 10 international firms and one local company. The government issued a Conditional Notice of Award to the Albayrak & Negmar Consortium in August 2023.

Jobateh highlighted the strategic need for the new Deep Seaport in Sanyang to mitigate climate risks like sea level rise and sedimentation in Banjul, as well as space constraints for expansion within the city. The new port aims to accommodate larger ships, reduce trade costs, and address current operational challenges. Additionally, it will enhance infrastructure with inland ports in Kaur and Basse, benefiting trade logistics and reducing road wear and pollution.

The GPA’s initiative seeks to remain competitive and relevant by leveraging private investment to boost port capacity and efficiency.


SOURCE: The Point

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