As we all know, investment in infrastructure is vital as it creates so many opportunities that can transform a country.

With that in mind, Lagos-based investment and research firm Afrinvest West Africa Limited has released it’s report on attracting investment for the nation infrastructural development.

According to Analysts at Afrinvest West Africa Limited, it is vital that policymakers implement reforms to boost the federal government’s finances, enable a conducive business environment and attract investment into human capital development and infrastructure.

The report, titled: ‘Opportunity in a Crisis?,’ stated that the ensuing risks to the health systems and the economy have been unprecedented, with the downside economic risks worse than the 2008/9 global financial recession while the health risks have been described as the worst since the Spanish Flu of 1918.

It also states that in Nigeria, COVID-19 has only further exposed the country’s structural weakness given economic and health system vulnerabilities prior to the pandemic. The sharp fall in oil prices to a 20-year low of $17.70/bbl in April 2020, following the contraction in global oil demand led to weaker prospects for government revenues and export earnings.

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