Members of the Liberian Senate are discussing a proposal for constructing a new capital city and addressing the severe flooding issues affecting Monrovia and other areas. Flooding during the rainy season often displaces thousands of citizens.

The proposal arose during a debate on a report from the joint committee on Public Works and Rural Development, Lands, Mines and Energy, Natural Resources and Environment, and Public Corporations. Lawmakers attributed the flooding to factors such as lack of political will, outdated sewage systems, construction on alleyways, poor planning, and inadequate drainage systems.

Senator Dabah Varpilah of Grand Cape Mount County highlighted the admiration of Liberian leaders for foreign developments and stressed the need for intentional actions to construct a new capital city, citing Monrovia’s overpopulation and dilapidation. She criticized the Ministry of Public Works for not enforcing zoning laws and allowing buildings in waterways.

Grand Kru County Senator Numene Bartekwa echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the lack of enforcement of zoning laws and the need for proper planning. He criticized the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning for focusing more on budgeting rather than future planning.

Senator Jonathan Sogbie of River Gee County supported the construction of a new city and noted that better waste management could help mitigate flooding. Chairman of the Senate Committee on Lands, Mines and Energy, Simeon Taylor, urged national leaders to take courageous actions to address these issues, criticizing the lack of zoning maps and proper city planning.

Grand Gedeh County Senator Thomas Yaya Nimely recalled past calls for a new capital but lamented the lack of financial planning for such a project. He suggested a segmental plan to compensate citizens residing in essential communities affected by flooding.

The Senate Plenary has requested the appearance of officials from the Ministry of Public Works, the Environment and Protection Agency (EPA), and the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) to provide plans and statistics to draft a budget addressing flooding issues across Liberia.


SOURCE: FrontPageAfrica

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