In the next six months, MoUDC will transfer over 30,000 condominium houses to residents in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MoUDC) will transfer over 30,000 condominium houses (condos) to residents. This news is coming after the minister presented the proposal to the House of People’s Representatives (Parliament).

The plan is to transfer 44,000 condos to residents in this Ethiopian fiscal year (2018/19). But MoUDC said it will first start with transferring over 30,000 within the next six month of this year.

Minister of Urban Development and Construction, Jantirar Abay said ” His office will transfer 17,000 condos under the 40/60 housing scheme to beneficiaries at the end of this fiscal year.”

According to him, the 20/80 project will complete the remaining transfer of the condos as it is nearing completion. More so, this project is part of the nation’s plan to provide housing for its citizens. The project will also create 589,215 jobs in the reported period.

During Jantirar Abay’s briefing with the House of People’s Representatives (Parliament), Abay said, construction of 1,700 rental houses is already underway. According to him, it will be located at Basha Wolde and Lebu sites.

The condos falls under the MoUDC plans to build 2.45 million houses between 2015/16 and 2020/21. Which is part of the next Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).

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