Plans are in motion for South Africa and Iran Joint investment project.

South Africa is set to enhance economic cooperation and carrying out joint investment projects in various fields with Iran. This remark was made during a conference on foreign investment opportunities in the southern Province of Hormuzgan.

Mazwi Khumalo who is the Ambassador of South africa to Iran said that ”South Africa is a partner to a telecommunication project in Iran.” He also said that Iran has made great achievements over the recent years.”

According to Khumalo, South Africa is best known for its activities in deep-level mining and the related technology. He also said they shares interests with Iran in other various spheres such as tourism, sea transport and shipping industry.

Khumalo said that South Africa has focused its efforts on oceanography which will increase the exploitation of sea-bed resources. The Ambassador also highlight the maritime industries as a field for cooperation with the Iran.

Despite the US sanction on Iran, South Africa is still doing investment in the country.

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