The Zimbabwean government is launching a new nationwide road rehabilitation program aimed at upgrading and maintaining roads in residential areas. Named Nhimbe/Ilima or Mushandirapamwe, the initiative is part of efforts to accelerate progress towards achieving the country’s Vision 2030 goal of becoming an upper middle-income society.

Local Government and Public Works Minister Daniel Garwe announced the impending launch of the program, which has received high-level endorsement and secured funding through Zinara (the Zimbabwe National Road Administration) for equipment leasing and maintenance. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development and the Rural Infrastructure Development Agency will provide technical support for the initiative.

Minister Garwe emphasized that the program draws inspiration from traditional community cooperation and partnership models, aiming to pool resources effectively for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In addition to road rehabilitation, Minister Garwe highlighted government priorities concerning local councils, including plans to incentivize councillors with vehicle import rebates based on their service delivery performance. He criticized what he termed “irrational and unreasonable” conditions of service approved by some local government officials, stressing the need for accountable and effective public service delivery.

President Mnangagwa has previously launched the “Call to Action – No Compromise to Service Delivery” blueprint, signaling a commitment to enhancing service delivery standards across all local authorities. The blueprint includes bi-annual reviews chaired by the President himself to assess local authorities’ performance, aimed at addressing concerns over declining service standards in urban and rural areas.

Overall, the road rehabilitation program and related initiatives underscore Zimbabwe’s efforts to improve infrastructure, enhance service delivery, and advance socioeconomic development goals outlined in Vision 2030.


SOURCE: The Herald

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