Chiredzi Town is poised to achieve municipality status by next year, thanks to substantial infrastructural developments funded by devolution funds. Over US$200,000 has been invested in enhancing the health sector and road network projects, driving the town’s progress.

A major project under development is the construction of a new polyclinic in the Makondo suburb. Town Secretary Engineer Wesley Kauma expressed optimism about Chiredzi’s trajectory towards municipal status, citing the substantial impact of devolution funding on the town’s infrastructure. Eng Kauma highlighted that the Makondo Polyclinic, nearing completion, will soon commence roofing with the arrival of 1,000 roofing sheets and timber.

In addition to the health sector, significant advancements are being made in the roads sector. Chiredzi, known as Masvingo province’s industrial capital, is benefiting from devolution funds and the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme. The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) allocated US$70,000 in the first quarter for the periodic and routine maintenance of roads in the Makondo suburb, which hosts over 3,500 high-density properties. These developments have also helped reduce the housing backlog in Chiredzi.

Key road projects include the construction of the Makondo lay-by culvert, which will link the Ngundu-Tanganda highway, providing an alternative route for public buses. Additionally, a 4km surfaced road will be constructed to connect Miye Business Centre and the new Makondo Polyclinic.

Eng Kauma praised the efforts of President Mnangagwa’s Second Republic for steering Zimbabwe towards becoming an upper-middle-income society by 2030. He noted that the public-private partnership (PPP) approach, facilitated by the ease of doing business policies, has been instrumental in Chiredzi’s development.

A noteworthy PPP initiative involved the collaboration between Chiredzi Town and the Zimbabwe Chamber of SMEs. The town provided 6,000 square meters of land for free, enabling the Chamber to construct a state-of-the-art complex housing 106 shops. These shops are now operated by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), contributing to the town’s revenue through rates and service charges. Additionally, about 150 vendors who previously operated on the streets now have decent operating spaces, further enhancing the town’s commercial landscape.

Overall, the infrastructural developments in Chiredzi, supported by devolution funds and strategic partnerships, are set to transform the town into a municipality, enhancing the quality of life for its residents and boosting its economic prospects.


SOURCE: Herald

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