ALGIERS – The President of the Republic, Supreme Head of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune ordered, Sunday during the periodic meeting of the Council of Ministers, the launch, as soon as possible, of desalination projects of ‘seawater in the East, West and Center of the country, stressing the need to continue coordination between sectors with a view to putting in place an efficient and definitive strategy capable of resolving the water crisis, said a statement from the Council of Ministers.

“President Tebboune has given directions to proceed, as soon as possible, with the launch of seawater desalination projects in the East, West and Center of the country. Projects of up to five large stations with a production capacity of over 300,000 M3 / day each, “the press release reads.

He also underlined the need to “continue the coordination between the sectors of National Defense, Energy, Agriculture and Water Resources in order to put in place an efficient and definitive strategy capable of solving the problem. water crisis “.

Mr. Tebboune also put forward also “the imperative to endow the sector definitively with an enlightened policy on the basis of a coordinated and scientific plan of production and management of water resources”.

He recommended, in this sense, “the use of dams up to 20%, groundwater at an equal rate and desalination stations for the remainder in order to preserve national strategic water reserves”.

The Head of State also ordered “to charge a design office or a commission made up of executives from the sector with an audit of water distribution and consumption operations”.

Source: Algerie Presse Service

Image: Afrik21

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