Minister of Roads and Highways, Francis Asenso-Boakye, is actively overseeing road projects in the Ashanti Region, with a recent focus on the Amansie West District. Handing over projects like the Pakyi to Antoakrom road and the Pakyi Number One and Two town roads demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving infrastructure for economic development and livelihood enhancement.

Mr. Asenso-Boakye’s assurance of completing the projects on schedule is reassuring for the communities involved. His call for support from community members to prevent theft and ensure smooth progress reflects the importance of local involvement in such initiatives.

Addressing the stalled Ahodwo to Trede road project due to compensation issues shows a sensitivity to community concerns. The Minister’s emphasis on revising the design to minimize demolitions while still meeting infrastructure needs reflects a balance between development and respecting residents’ interests.

Refuting claims that these projects are politically motivated, especially in light of an upcoming by-election, demonstrates transparency and a focus on genuine development rather than short-term political gains. It’s commendable that the Minister is prioritizing ongoing projects based on merit rather than election cycles.

Inspections of roads within the Ejisu Constituency and Kumasi metropolis indicate a comprehensive approach to infrastructure development across densely populated areas. This proactive stance suggests a commitment to addressing critical transportation needs to improve residents’ lives.

Overall, these efforts underscore the government’s dedication to enhancing road networks and infrastructure for the benefit of communities in the Ashanti Region and beyond.


SOURCE: GhanianTimes

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