RMB  gives report on best countries to invest in Africa for 2019

Many investors are in search of the best countries to invest in Africa; as Africa is fast rising to become a very fertile investment destination. The continent is in dire need of roads, rails, ports, airports, power grids and IT systems. All of these do not only form the infrastructure needed to help grow the African economies; but they also serve as investment opportunities in the continent.

Since the 2000’s Africa have seen significant progress in its infrastructural development, yet there is a still shortage of infrastructure which is hindering diversification and the realization of the continent’s true growth potential.

The shortfall of infrastructure in Africa although costs the continent a 2.6% cut in average per-capita growth rate; yet it represents a great opportunity for businesses and also investors involved in the development or financing of infrastructure projects.

African Development Bank estimates that Africa currently only spends US$45bn out of the US$130bn – US$170bn it needs to bridge its infrastructural gap. This statistics therefore provides an ample opportunity for private capital to help accelerate in the building of these critical infrastructure.

But then the unanswered dilemma for an investor would therefore be which are the best countries to invest in Africa?

Recent 2019 report from Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) provides easily digestible data and analysis to firms considering investing in Africa, and also points out new opportunities to those already vested in the continent.

Also see list of top 10 best countries to invest in Africa

The report shows the list of the continent’s most attractive economies for investment – the best countries to invest in Africa. The countries were ranked using their Investment Attractiveness Index; which considers economic activities and also the ease of doing business in these countries.

The report also contains in-depth details of each African country’s macroeconomic environment. Thereby revealing the continent’s countless prospects available for investment.

Infrastructure in Africa detailed down to Hard infrastructure, Soft infrastructure, Regional infrastructure and even Financing of these infrastructures are all contents of this report.

Also in the report are new and emerging technologies and the pros and cons of its impact on the African Economy.

From the report here are the top 10 best countries to invest in Africa: 

  1.  Egypt 
  2. Image result for south africa icon South Africa 
  3.  Morocco 
  4.  Ethiopia
  5. Image result for kenya icon Kenya
  6. Image result for rwanda icon Rwanda
  7. Image result for tanzania icon Tanzania
  8. Image result for nigeria icon Nigeria
  9. Image result for Ghana icon Ghana
  10. Image result for Côte d’Ivoire icon Côte d’Ivoire

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