The CEO of Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Francis Gatare, has called upon investors to build a multi-star hotel on Mount Rebero in Kigali City.

He made the case for the luxury hotel, on November 25, 2023, after participating in Umuganda where 1,000 trees were planted on the hill in partnership with youth and Global Citizen–an organisation dedicated to eradicating extreme poverty.

Mount Rebero is an enchanting area that has undergone a breathtaking transformation, emerging as an engaging and sought-after destination for Rwandan citizens and expats alike.

The hill is known for the Canal Olympia cinema, the exquisite Rebero Resort, the acclaimed 1000 Hills Distillery, and the enchanting Heaven Garden.

Mount Rebero also accommodates Kigali Cultural Village, a hub for entertainment and lifestyle activities, an open concert area, and an escape games facility. The modern cinema hall can accommodate 300 people and is powered by solar panels and an open-air stage that has the capacity to host up to 20,000 people.

“Mount Rebero is a big quiet place with a soft breeze. The recreational space has infrastructure such as roads and water. We want more open spaces like Mount Rebero and Nyandungu Eco-tourism Park. That is why we are urging investors to build a hotel that can accommodate visitors,” he said.

The site also hosts Agaseke which serves as a cultural centre aimed at promoting Made in Rwanda products and cultural events hosting artisans making different products and souvenirs. Agaseke has a room where brides can get essential advice before starting a new path of marriage.

“There is a need for continuous efforts to beautify the hill to promote tourism and hospitality. Investors should tap into available opportunities to generate revenue. There are anticipated projects such as hotels and restaurants. The master plan shows the needed projects,” added Gatare.

Minister of Environment, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya said that greening Mount Rebero by planting trees is part of an ongoing campaign to plant 63 million trees across the country.

The country will plant 4.9 million fruit trees, 6.7 million ornamental trees, 273, 590 bamboo trees, 34.2 million agro-forestry, and 16.5 million trees in general for different uses.

“The trees are needed on Mount Rebero because there is also cultural tourism. We need to create more recreational zones like Rebero,” she said.

At least 6 per cent of the City of Kigali has been set aside for recreational spaces in the new master plan.

City of Kigali mayor, Pudence Rubingisa, said that native and ornamental trees were planted on Mount Rebero to make it more recreational.

The mayor announced that during Saturday’s Umuganda, 35,000 trees were planted across the city.

The community work to plant the trees was also attended by Global Citizen guests who are in Rwanda for the Move Afrika campaign ahead of a major concert slated for December 6, 2023.

Liz Agbor-Tabi, the Vice President of Global Citizen said: “We participated in Umuganda to advance campaigns and advocacy to protect the planet and its inhabitants. The trees we planted will help to fight the effects of climate change that people in the community are facing.” She commended Rwanda for promoting eco-tourism.

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