Cape Town sets aside US$140m to fund water projects.

Out of its Budget, the city of Cape Town have set aside US$140m to fund seven water projects. The water projects include the desalination plants at Monwabisi, Strandfontein, the V&A Waterfront and Cape Town Harbour, the Atlantis and Cape Flats Aquifer projects and the Zandvliet water recycling project.

This announcement was made though there are reports that the dam level have dropped, and they currently stand at 36.8% for dam storage level and 26.8% for usable water. The drop in the dam levels have been attributed to high winds and hot weather.

According to the Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille, 51% of the city’s water users have halved Cape Town’s water usage, and have exceeded water usage by 82m liters per day, though the water required level is set at 500m litres per day.

To save the City’s water, the Mayor have urged the remaining 41% of water users to reduce their usage, as the town also plans to implement various projects for additional water supply which will come in handy until winter 2018.

Also other water saving tips includes, a limit of 87 liters per day for an individual, and a restriction of the Municipal water to only essential washing, cooking, drinking, and other indoor use. Also leakages should be checked and fixed in all properties.

In General, Household consumption is limited to 20 kilolitres per month.

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