A $2.5 million task to repave runway Charlie at Danbury Civil Air terminal and put in new lighting along that range is early, as per the air terminal’s overseer.

Project workers are attempting to introduce the runway’s new Driven lighting framework, while they trust that the Government Avionics Organization will support the blacktop blend they will use to finish the clearing, air terminal Overseer Mike Safranek said

The project is currently, Over 60% completed, ahead of schedule with Guerrera Construction Co. (Oxford-based) as lead contractor as Hoyle, Tanner & Associates Inc. (New Hampshire-based) overseeing the engineering process.

The works include; Repaving thats involves, Awaiting FAA approval of blacktop mixture, Severely deteriorated after 35 years without overhaul and Interim fixes involved saw-cutting and filling cracks. While others works like Lighting involves Installing new LED system, Replacing the 40-year-old lights and Using underground conduit for improved safety and longevity.

Meanwhile, safety measures like Limited usage of Delta and Charlie taxiways during construction and Coordinated safety plan approved by FAA has also been implemented while concerns like ensuring minimal movement of construction equipment and aircraft to reduce pressure on air traffic control has also been implemented. 

According to Airport Administrator Mike Safranek, he expressed satisfaction with project progress and highlighted the necessity of the overhaul for safety and operational efficiency while also emphasizing the improved safety with new lighting system installation.

The project aims to enhance the infrastructure and safety of Danbury Municipal Airport, addressing critical deterioration issues and modernizing the lighting system to support future operations.


SOURCE: Newstimes

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