Shipping and logistic service provider Enterprise to construct four dry ports in four different towns.

The construction of the dry port will be complete in two years time. The port will create market chains with the expanding industrial parks and railway lines. The port will be install in the following area; Mekelle, Woreta, Kombolcha and Hawassa towns. The various towns listed will have 91 hectares of land ready to be use.

Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise are in charge of constructing the port which is worth more than US $73.5m. The plan is to link all four port plus the Dire Dawa port to the with railway lines and industrial parks. This will help expand the country ports and also help the sector.

The mekelle port will be the first to be constructed after feasibility study was carried-out. The study shows that it will cost 2 billion birr due to it lies on a 42 hectares of land and it is about 15 kilometers far from Mekelle Industrial Park.

The woreta port will be lie on 20 hectares of land while the design of Hawassa Dry Port is underway. Kombolcha Dry Port will lie on a 20 hectares of land with the design work set to be complete this year.

The project will be complete in two years as logistic service will be use as a temporary service. The logistic will be use in area where the construction of these ports will be possible.


For more information, go through the following article on GambetaNews.

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