The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has launched free one-month electronic-based transportation services for Addis Ababa residents with 60 electric vehicles that are assisted with 40 charging stations. On the occasion, Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said that the introduction of 60 electric vehicles is sought to provide comfortable, efficient, modern, and reliable transportation service in the country in addition to replacing fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions.

Accordingly, the ministry is working to replace the growing fuel consumption with renewable energy sources and facilitate transportation services with environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

We are working to realize the vision of creating a carbon-free transportation and logistics system in the country through integrating our vast renewable energy potentials with competitive electric-based vehicle technology by partnering with stakeholders,” she said.

The Ministry has been taking various initiatives and collaborations with concerned bodies to eliminate carbon emissions through promoting alternate transportation services like bicycles. Currently, the average take-off time at the airport during landing and runway has been reduced to 3 minutes from 15-20 minutes in the past.

In addition, numerous fuel-efficient vehicles (fuel-saving) that have been imported earlier are playing a significant role in saving fuel consumption and facilitating the transportation service as well as combating climate change.

It is estimated that 40 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be released in the upcoming 2029/30 and will become a time of hurdles for developing countries like Ethiopia. Therefore, encouraging electronic vehicles will bring about significant changes in stabilizing the oil-violate market, especially during this period, she noted.

She further said that once charged in charging stations paying only 20 Birr the electronic vehicles can travel an average distance from 200-240 kilometers. Compared to fuel-consuming vehicles this can save up to 950 Birr per vehicle. The 60 electric vehicles are provided by Green Tech Africa and the Ministry has planned to introduce 4,800 electric-based buses and 148,000 electric-based automobiles in its ten years strategic plan.

For his part, Water and Energy Minister Habtamu Itefa (Ph.D.) said that the introduction of electronic vehicles will have significant advantages through stabilizing the transportation price apart from curbing the growing release of carbon emissions. According to him, the developed countries use e-vehicles in their day to day activities due its affordable price, maintain easily, comfortable transportation, and wide environmental protection role.

Green Teach Africa representative Sitra Ali said that Green Tech Africa has been striving to introduce from three Wheeler (Bajaj) to maximum speeds of vehicles spare parts by assembling locally.


SOURCE: AddisHerald

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