Ghana sign deal with Ethiopian Airline to establish a national airline in Accra.

Ethiopian Airline has sign a deal with Ghana government to establish a national airline in Accra. The deal is a joint investment from the Ghanaian government, the private sector, and the Ethiopian airline.

According to the deal, the ownership of the Airline will consist of three structures. This structures are Ghanaian government having 10%, private investors from West Africa having 415 while Ethiopian airline have 49%.

Ghana need a national carrier after Ghana Airways and Ghana International Airlines ceased to operate. This made the government in 2016 request for a tender form three Airlines operators. The Airlines include, Air Mauritius, Ethiopian Airlines, and Africa World Air.

The airline is target to kick-off operation last this year or early 2020. It will  run domestic, regional, and international flights. Meanwhile, the establishment will most likely disturb the airline currently operation in the region. Such as King’s Quest (Kenya Airlines) with most of the passenger to be reduced.


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