Yunipat Distributors Zambia and Van Dyck Carpets Easi-Grass artificial grass appointed as project managers for sports facilities upgrade in Lusaka.

Yunipat Distributors Zambia – distributors for Fibertex geotextiles and Van Dyck Carpet’s Easi-Grass artificial grass – was appointed as project managers for this contract. Scope of operations involved the preparation of ground works, construction of the concrete footing and installation of a drainage system and artificial turf.

“These new sports grounds enable children to be able to play soccer and hockey on a stable and safe surface all year round,” says Patrizio Urzi, managing director, Yunipat Distributors Zambia. “A critical part of the project involved the design and installation of the drainage system, which maximises the high flow of water, enabling immediate use of the pitch during and after heavy rains. The drainage system enhances integrity of the structure, significantly extending its service life.

“Construction involved a durable herringbone drainage pipe system, with Fibertex separation/filtration geotextile layers to prevent any potential water-logging on the pitch and clogging of the drainage system.”

A Fibertex F34 geotextile nonwoven separation layer was installed onto the base to stabilise the surface. A herringbone system of DN160 Drainex perforated subsoil drainage pipes was installed over the geotextile and covered with 25 mm stone aggregate and ≤ 5 mm fine crusher run to prepare for the top and final layer. These materials allow alluvial water to drain through the stone medium, into the drainpipes and away from the sports area.

Fibertex geotextiles have important functions in separation, filtration, drainage, protection, reinforcement and stress relieving in construction and building works. These permeable materials are placed between different layers of the structure to prevent migration and mingling of materials, allowing free movement of water, while preserving the integrity of the adjacent layers. This increases bearing capacity and provides long-term stability of the foundation layers.

Fibertex geotextiles are suitable for all filtration and drainage systems, including drainage pipes, drainage trenches, surface drains and building drains. 

Easi-Grass, a high-quality artificial turf, with durability and enhanced aesthetics, was selected as an alternative to natural grass for this project. Advantages of this maintenance-free grass include water and energy savings, as well as suitability for use in all weather conditions. Unlike natural grass which needs time to dry after a downpour, sporting events can continue in the rain, with no risk of damage to the playing surface.

Specialists from Yunipat Distributors, Fibertex and Van Dyck Carpets, collaborated on this project to ensure its success.

Yunipat Distributors Zambia, which has completed similar astro installations at many sporting facilities in Zambia, specialises in the supply and support of a wide range of products for the construction and mining sectors. The company also services the DIY and commercial markets in Zambia. 

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September 2019

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