French Development Agency (AFD) supports access to water and sanitation in Uganda with €270 million

The Ugandan government and the French government via French Development Agency (AFD); have signed a loan deal to help support access to water and sanitation in Uganda. The loan deal comprises of two separate financing agreements for two projects amounting to 270 million euros (1.2 trillion Shillings).

The first agreement of 150 million euros; will be for providing supply networks and also increasing the volume of clean water; to meet the demands of the increasing populace in Greater Kampala. While the second loan of 120 million euros; will center on improving sanitation and water supply infrastructures in Masaka and Mbarara towns. It will also serve as fund for a new source of water in the trans-boundary river of Kagera which will enable supply to reach isolated areas like the Isingiro district.


L-R: French Ambassador Stéphanie Rivoal and Finance Minister Hon. Mati Kasaija
L-R: AFD Director in Uganda, Ms. Virginie Leroy and French Ambassador Stéphanie Rivoal











The Finance and Economic Development Minister, Hon. Mati Kasaija represented Uganda at the signing ceremony while French Ambassador to Uganda, Stéphanie Rivoal represented the French government. Also present at the ceremony was AFD Director in Uganda, Ms. Virginie Leroy.

The two projects for increasing access to water and sanitation in Uganda will be under the National Water and Sewerage Corporation. The projects are in line with Uganda’s Vision 2040 and also the National Development Plan (NDP).

The access to water and sanitation in Uganda projects are expected to be complete by 2023/24.

AFD committed to development in Uganda

Uganda, a landlocked country in East Africa with 38 million inhabitants have one of the highest population growth rate in the world. This population growth and opportunities for urbanization, job creation and added value pose a challenge to the country.

In order to meet the structural needs of the Ugandan economy; the French government through AFD is supporting its infrastructure (drinking water, sanitation, energy, transport and urban development), private sector, as well as preserving and enhancing its natural resources.

AFD commitments in Uganda over the last 20 years have reached 1 billion euros. More than half of this sum have been during the past two years.

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