Green walls add beautification, enhance stabilisation and promote plant growth

The Fibertex team works closely with landscapers, architects and building contractors, to design and install environmentally-friendly green-wall solutions, rather than using conventional hard-facing concrete structures for retaining walls.

Fibertex FiberRock 20S and 30S geosynthetic geocontainers are a lightweight, durable and cost-effective substitute for traditional earth retention systems – providing an attractive and efficient protection for slopes and also aid in erosion control.

“Fibertex geosynthetics are sustainable materials designed to protect our precious natural environment,” explains Burger Fourie, Technical Sales Engineer at Fibertex SA. “FiberRock 20S and 30S geocontainers are manufactured locally from water permeable needlepunch nonwoven fabrics. By filling these bags with a free-draining medium, like sand, a durable retaining structure can be built, which allows the free passage of water through the structure.

“FiberRock geocontainer are also used as a medium for planting shrubs, which eventually cover the entire structure, to create green wall solutions.”

The soil mass behind retaining walls can be reinforced with Fibertex Secugrid geogrids, which is a soil reinforcing geogrid manufactured from high modulus extruded monolithic bars and welded junctions. This material is used to minimise soil deformation under tensile loads over the lifetime of the structure.

All variations of Fibertex FiberRock geocontainers are manufactured at the company’s plant in Kwazulu-Natal, according to the consistent quality control policy of the Fibertex group, which is held to stringent international standards.

The Fibertex geosynthetics range encompasses a complete portfolio of nonwoven and woven geotextiles, as well as gabions and mattresses, drainage pipes, fittings and erosion control and cellular confinement solutions.

Fibertex also supplies soil reinforcing products, including geogrids and geocells, as well as geosynthetic clay liners, as part of composite lining systems in modern landfills.

The local Fibertex team supports the company’s diverse product range with a technical advisory service throughout the African continent.




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