Spearheading this movement is UgaVilla, a visionary company dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions for the people of Uganda.

At the heart of their strategy lies the concept of model homes, which are redefining the way Ugandans envision their dream homesBuilding Dreams: Uganda’s model homes revolutionising affordable housing

In a recent discussion on NBS Area Code, Herbert Mutegeki the CEO of UgaVilla Development Company Limited stated that their primary goal is to build over 10,000 housing units for police officers of all categories with emphasis on socio-economic transformation.

Uganda, like many other developing nations, grapples with a severe housing shortage. Rapid urbanization, population growth, and limited resources have left a significant portion of the population without access to adequate housing.

Model homes have become a bridge between the dreams of Ugandans and the reality of affordable housing.

Mutegeki reveals that the homes will be built in an Eco-friendly way that ensures the natural environment is not only not disturbed but enhanced.

He goes on, ” UgaVilla while investing in land, has opened up partnerships with strategic credible land vendors within the pricing and scope range to be able to provide a wide range of alternatives to Ugandans while providing bulk discounted prices.”

SOURCE: NilePost

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