President George Weah has switched on an electrical power plant in Palala, Bong County, expanding the reach of electricity access to poor households in that township and its surrounding communities. 

The initiative, sponsored by the African Development Bank, aims to expand electricity access to more homes outside of Montserrado County. Bong County, the nation’s third-largest populated county, currently struggles with access to electricity.

“The electrification of rural and urban homes is part of his government’s way of giving back to its people,” Weah said, describing the project as a historic venture. “Let there be light, and there was light.”

Weah added that the “electrification of rural and urban homes” is his government’s way of giving back to the Liberian people to improve their socioeconomic well-being. The project is expected to benefit at least 89 households in Palala for now but will expand to 350 homes in a month or two. It is estimated that a total of 3,000 homes will benefit from the project upon its full completion soon.  

This would increase the number of Liberians with access to electricity, as more than half of the country’s 5.4 million people live without electricity, with the divide being worse in rural areas.

The switching of electricity in Palala was part of the President’s ongoing campaign activities in the county as he seeks reelection.  In his reelection campaign message, Weah reassured the people of Bong and Liberia at large that if he is reelected, at the end of his government, there will be more tangible development across the country. 

“I join you to empower the younger generation. This is our time,” he told citizens of Bong County. “We are on the right trajectory, and we must all stay on course. After his twelve years in government, there will be more tangible development across Liberia.”

The President bragged that he is born to succeed and a true gift to his people and will do all in his power to improve their livelihood, and there is no difference the opposition will make for his people.

 “Give me the remaining six years; let me finish what I have started,” he urged his people. The ruling party flag bearer used the occasion to rally the support of the people of Bong County to ensure that they give him a first-round victory,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the President who is still in Bong County has received endorsement from voters who had pledged their “overwhelming support for his reelection. “

They emphasize that they can’t be ungrateful for the tangible realities of the good development ongoing in their district, county, and country in general. 

“We will unlock every door and campaign robustly in order to give President Weah his second-term mandate,” they said.


SOURCE: LiberiaObserver

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