Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola has condemned the recent vandalism targeting the Illovo Estate on the L25 Mulambe line, which disrupted power supply to several trading centers in Nchalo-Chikwawa. The incident occurred early on May 19, around 2 am, when unknown individuals cut down a utility pole and severely damaged the power line infrastructure. This act left the Nchalo Trading Centre, Jambo Trading Centre, Miseu 4 Trading Centre, and Ngabu Trading Centre without electricity.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Energy, Matola expressed his concern and outrage over the incident, highlighting the extensive damage caused by the vandals. He emphasized that such acts not only disrupt essential services to communities but also pose a significant risk to public safety.

Matola labeled the incident as sabotage, noting that it undermines the government’s efforts to ensure electricity access for all citizens. He called on relevant authorities and stakeholders to collaborate in addressing this issue promptly, stressing that these actions harm the very communities the vandals belong to.

“This incident demonstrates a deliberate attempt to sabotage the progress we are making in the energy sector. However, those responsible should understand that their actions affect not only the government but also their own families and communities who rely on the same electricity,” Matola explained.

He directed the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) to prioritize restoring power to the affected areas and to enhance security measures to protect the energy infrastructure. Matola also urged ESCOM to engage with local communities to educate them about the severe consequences of vandalism and to encourage reporting of any suspicious activities.

“We will not tolerate such criminal acts that undermine our nation’s development. We will spare no effort in identifying and apprehending the perpetrators, and we will take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future,” Matola stated.

The Ministry of Energy remains committed to ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity to all citizens and calls on the public to support these efforts by reporting any activities that may compromise the energy infrastructure.


SOURCE: Malawi24

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