ECOWAS set to invest US$35BN into Nigeria power sector because it is a major provider of natural gas to other countries.

The Nigeria power sector has been getting reviews from international communities, investors and experts in the energy sector according to ECOWAS president, to invest in the country power sector that will contribute to improving access to electricity in the entire sub-region.

According to ECOWAS president, Marcel de Souza who stressed that investing in the Nigeria power sector not only provides electricity access to the vast ECOWAS market but also amounts to investing in the lives of over 350 million people of the region and that Nigeria is the major provider of natural gas to other countries of the region through the West African gas pipeline.

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola; ”The administration is working towards achieving steady power where many people have access to power and hopefully they will all have uninterrupted power eventually.”

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