The Togolese Storage Company (STE) recently marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of a photovoltaic plant on its premises. The ceremony held recently was attended by various dignitaries.

The photovoltaic plant, with an installed capacity of 90.6 Kwc spread across 426 m2, is poised to address a portion of STE’s energy requirements while reducing electricity expenses. It is anticipated to generate up to 10.36 Mwh per month, equivalent to 30% of the company’s total monthly energy consumption of 34.98 Mwh.

STE’s Managing Director, Tchalla Péré, expressed optimism about the results, hoping for continued investment that could lead to 75% self-consumption, utilizing the developed spaces efficiently.

Mensah Koffi Vinyo, representing the Minister of Trade and Local Consumption, commended STE’s environmental commitment and underscored the importance of energy transition.

The timing of the solar power plant installation by STE coincides with the surge in power outages in urban areas of Togo, particularly in the capital.

Established in 1962, STE is a public limited company specializing in the storage and distribution of petroleum products, encompassing gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuel.


SOURCE: TogoFirst

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