Ikeja Electric launched two new feeders to enable better alignment and strengthened the network.

As plans to boost power supply in Lagos state, Ikeja Electric has launched two new feeders. The two new feeders are Igando 33KV and Ijegun 33KV according to Felix Ofulue, Head, Corporate Communications at Ikeja Electric.

He also said that both feeders will enable better alignment and strengthened the network. That area such as the White Sand Joint CDA, Mutairu Alli, Taiwo Olaniran, Boripe, Idi Cashew, Lasisi Ajibade, Harmony, Ire-Akari and environs will benefit from the Ijegun 33KV Feeder.

Meanwhile, Egan Town, Ajao Jimoh, Imoba 1, Iloilo, Taiwo Along, Abibatu Oseni, Oke as well as Bayas would benefit from the Igando 33KV Feeder.

He further stated that the results from the new project, the alignment carried out in the network had enabled the Shasha 33KV feeder to be moved from T3 100MVA to T2 60MVA. Ofulue also noted that several strategic projects are targeted to help boost the network in the six business units.


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