The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Engineers Brigade which is tasked with the renovation works of Mandela National Stadium, Namboole has said that the defunct pioneer buses in one of the parking spaces at the stadium are hindering some of the ongoing works.

Lt Col Eng Peter Seku Kidemuka, the project engineer for the national stadium renovation, revealed this as the main challenge faced by the Engineering Brigade during the third phase of the project.

According to him, the phased renovation works that started in February 2022 currently stand at 72% and are to be completed by November 30, 2023. Therefore the team is working tirelessly to ensure that the project is delivered.

Lt Col Kidemuka said that phase one was securing the 128 acres of land which involved the eviction of encroachers on the land and fully fencing it. Phase two involved the upgrade and renovation of the stadium to meet international standards and this involved mechanical, electrical and civil works in and around the stadium.

He added that the current phase they are on involves planting grass in the main playfield and training section, fitting the public address systems fitting chairs, electrical and plumbing equipment and all other stadium facilities and ongoing works on a 62-room hotel.

The project engineer said that the progress has seen improvement to international standards of the locker rooms for both home and away teams, doctor’s room, anti-doping/doping control room, press conference room and post-match interview room, facilities for spectators with disabilities, fitting seats for spectators, VIPs and VVIPs to meet international standards and 70 turnstiles which are expected to handle 300 people per minute and a gym facility that will be fitted with modern equipment and open to the public.

Although the works were undertaken in a phased manner, at this three phases but this phase is only faced by the rotting buses.

However, he said that despite the ongoing works, they have faced challenges such as part of the land that is still occupied and the parking space that is occupied by the defunct pioneer buses. He highlighted that these have delayed the progress of their work like the installation of security lights, landscaping and improving the parking space for the stadium.

He revealed that Mandela National Stadium, Namboole will be a smart stadium where fans will be able to book tickets and seats through online platforms at their comfort. He added that upon completion the stadium will be able to host both football and rugby matches of international standards.

The first international match to be hosted at the stadium upon completion is expected to be in March 2024.

SOURCE: AllAfrica

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