Tanzania and Morocco have reportedly made significant progress in deepening their ties and are set to finalize the process of obtaining a “title deed” for the establishment of a fertilizer factory in the municipality of Kisarawe.

Reporting on February 7, Tanzanian news outlet the Citizen quoted Tanzania Fertilizer Company (TFC) general manager, Samuel Mshote, as saying: “As soon as we get the title deed, construction will start immediately. The construction of a facility on the 15-hectare land will help solve soil health problems.”

Moroccan ambassador to Tanzania, Zakaria El Goumiri, told the news outlet that “the facility will help Tanzanian farmers produce healthy crops that are suitable for local and foreign markets.”

Tanzania has “plenty of lands” while Morocco “is known for its fertilizers,” Goumiri noted, explaining that the establishment of the factory will help both countries “increase food security.”

El Goumiri also stressed that this project will encourage other foreign countries to “invest in Tanzania.”

The two countries cooperation extends to other areas, such as sisal fibers, papaya, and mangoes, as well as many financial transactions, the Tanzanian newspaper added.

Last month, the Tanzanian government gave the Tanzania Fertiliser Company (TFC) $48.223 million in capital in a bid to revive the company and “ensure a sufficient supply of fertilizers at reasonably lower than market prices.”

Morocco has assisted many African countries in dealing with food insecurity through OCP donations or lower fertilizer prices, benefiting thousands of farmers across the continent.

In a recent article for the World Economic Forum, OCP’s CEO Mostapha Terrab said that Africa has the potential to become the world’s farm and eradicate the rising threat of food security.

Morocco donated in December of last year 5,000 tonnes of fertilizers to smallholder farmers in Mauritania as part of the OCP Program to support African farmers as the continent faces a severe food security crisis.


SOURCE: MoroccoWorldNews

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