The Member of Parliament for Bbaale County in Kayunga district, Charles Tebandeke has informed police of his intention to demonstrate over failure by government to fulfill its pledge to tarmac the Kayunga-Bbaale- Galiraaya road.

In a notification to police, Tebandeke says that President Museveni has on several occasions together with other government officials promised to have the road tarmacked but the same has not come to pass.

” The immediate sure deal promise to tarmac the Kayunga-Bbaale-Galiraya Road soonest was made by NRM top leaders upon Muwonge winning the chairperson LC 5 seat Kayunga District which political term of chairpersonship looks like it is coming to an end yet the road has never been worked upon. The many sequential visits in Kayunga District by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabanja over Kayunga-Bbaale-Galiraya Road have made no visible progress,” Tebandeke says.

He says the dusty road has seen the loss of many lives of both people and animals accompanied by various damages caused by the poor status of the road that he notes has been neglected by government.

“There is constant increment of negative feedback from sugarcane growing and transportation companies creating abuse of environment and road usage. This has affected the social and economic development of the region with no government remedy to negative impact.”

The legislator says in accordance with Article 29 of the Constitution which emphasizes freedom to assemble and to demonstrate, he is planning to hold a peaceful demonstration on Monday.

“This demonstration is to show our dissatisfaction for the reasons expressed above. We are intending to have a walk demonstration in compliance to constitutional mandate from, Kitwe Trading center, Kayonza Sub County to Kitimbwa Town Council thereafter we shall have an assembly in form of memorial service for the lost dear ones whose deaths were caused due to the poor status of the Kayunga- Bbaale- Galiraya Road,” Tebandeke says in his letter to Police.

It remains to be seen if police will give a green light to the demonstration.

SOURCE: DailyExpress

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