The unending negotiation battle between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) should be resolved at the African Union (AU).

So far, the three countries have made major progress on the dispute in talks mediated by the African Union; and they have agreed to continue negotiating to reach a comprehensive solution.

According to International Water Cooperation UNESCO Chair, Professor Ashok Swain “We saw what has happened in the US-led negotiation with the World Bank. First of all, you don’t need to be completely neutral to be a good negotiator but at least need to show that you also protecting the rights of everyone in this cause. I think the previous negotiation did not work out because of this reason,”

He also noted that “this negotiation by the African Union will be looked at, possibly by the leadership of all the three countries, as somebody imposing verdict on them. It is somehow a regional organization where these countries are members. Therefore, if the African Union cannot this time get a negotiated settlement, I don’t see anyone else can do it.”


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