DRC president handpicks experienced Francois Beyo Kasonga as new security advisor

The newly elected DRC President Felix Tshisekedi have chosen Francois Beyo Kasonga as his Security advisor; The president ordered his appointment over the weekend.

Kasonga, who is in his 60’s have spent influential time within the country’s intelligence sector.

Previously, under the President Joseph Kabila government, Kasonga’s position was Director of Migration for 12 straight years.

With this current appointment as security advisor to the president, Kasonga have now served under three past presidents; since first serving on the National Security Council of President Mobutu Sese Seko.

Kasonga also worked at the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) under Laurent-Desire Kabila.

Now as security advisor to President Felix Tshisekedi, he is also head of the National Security Council of DR Congo. DR Congo have over the years been shook by armed conflicts and serious crackdowns on peaceful protesters.

Kasonga is generally seen among Congolese as a sensitive man with a good esteem of being moderate.  His appointment clearly shows that government wants to take the security sector of the country to a new phase.

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