Transport Minister Kamel El-Wazir recently met with George Bostinger, Austria’s new Ambassador to Cairo, alongside representatives from nine Austrian firms specializing in various railway domains. This meeting, attended by senior officials from the Railway Authority and the Transport Ministry, emphasized Egypt’s commitment to enhancing its railway infrastructure.

Minister El-Wazir underscored the significance of the gathering, aligning with the ministry’s focus on upgrading the railway system across multiple facets, including infrastructure, rolling stock, and signaling. The collaboration with leading global companies aims to foster development and deepen ties with Austrian enterprises in the sector.

Discussions during the meeting covered ongoing collaborative ventures with Austrian entities, notably the partnership with Plasser Austria for the upkeep and performance improvement of railway engineering machinery. This initiative builds on the longstanding relationship between Egypt’s National Railways Authority and Plasser.

Plasser Egypt, a result of this collaboration, has been tasked with supplying various machinery for railway maintenance and refurbishment. The company recently secured a contract to provide 14 different machine models as part of a comprehensive five-year maintenance and support agreement.

A prior memorandum of understanding between the National Railways Authority and Plasser Austria laid the groundwork for a joint enterprise dedicated to machine maintenance and railway refurbishment within Egypt. This partnership aims to establish a maintenance hub at one of the railway workshops, supporting Egyptian projects and equipment maintenance across the Middle East and Africa.

The meeting also explored the partnership with Voestalpine Austria, known for railway turnout production. The collaborative entity, “Voestalpine Egypt for Railway Turnout Technology,” aims to modernize the production line with cutting-edge technology, supporting the high-speed electric train network and facilitating the transfer of advanced manufacturing techniques and training for Egyptian personnel.

Minister El-Wazir emphasized the ministry’s strategy to eliminate the need for importing railway components, supporting local manufacturing for various projects in line with the national directive to localize the transport industry. The potential for exporting to African and Middle Eastern markets was also highlighted.

The Austrian delegation showcased their expertise in different railway sectors, prompting Minister El-Wazir to call for intensified interactions with the Railway Authority to expedite essential projects. These efforts aim to bolster railway infrastructure and electric traction systems, with future collaborations tailored to the Egyptian Railway Authority’s requirements.


SOURCE: DailyNewsEgypt

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