The National Railway Office (ONCF) has announced that infrastructure works along the Casablanca-Kenitra axis will result in disruptions to train services from May 12 to May 26.

In a statement, ONCF assured commuters that despite the construction works, every effort would be made to minimize disruptions during peak hours. The construction work is part of a program to upgrade railway facilities and enhance service quality. Most works are scheduled for nighttime hours, with measures in place to ensure continuous service to passengers.

To mitigate disruptions, ONCF has established a command center operating 24/7 to monitor train traffic. Station staff and onboard personnel will also be reinforced to provide assistance and guidance to travelers.

While acknowledging potential inconvenience, the National Railway Office extends its apologies to customers and encourages them to seek information from station staff, onboard personnel, or use digital platforms such as the official website, mobile application, and social media channels for trip updates.

Simultaneously, ONCF announced the construction of a new railway line connecting Casablanca and Beni Mellal, the country’s financial capital. This project aims to boost connectivity and transportation infrastructure between major cities in Morocco, facilitating the movement of goods and passengers.

The new railway line is expected to contribute significantly to regional development and economic growth, particularly in the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region. Beni Mellal, being the administrative center of the region, plays a crucial role in agricultural production, especially citrus fruits and olives.


SOURCE: MoroccoWorldNews

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