The London-based independent power producer Globeleq (an institution formed by Norwegian and British funds) has announced the construction, in the second half of the current year, of a 120 Megawatt Wind Power Plant in Namaacha district, in the southern province of Maputo.

The plant, budgeted at 270 million US dollars, will increase the amount of energy exported by the publicly-owned electricity company, EDM.

Of the overall investment, 230 million dollars will go towards the construction of the plant and power generation, while the remaining amount will be invested in the construction of a 40 kilometer transmission line linking the districts of Namaacha and Boane.

Globuleq’s Director of Development and Business, Samir Salé, told AIM recently that the project is in its final stages and “we hope to start construction in the second half of this year.”

According to Salé, this will be the country’s first grid-scale wind farm and is designed to produce 120 MW, taking into account that it is in line with the government’s energy transition strategy, which is to generate clean energy using renewable resources at times of peak demand.

The construction of the Wind Power Plant was also confirmed, at the recent Mozambique Energy and Mining Exhibition Conference, by Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi and the UK High Commissioner in Maputo, Helen Lewis.

Renewable energies (including hydropower) account for 70 percent of the country’s energy matrix, and are crucial to the government’s goal of guaranteeing access to energy for the entire population by 2030.


SOURCE: ClubofMozambique

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