People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria celebrates independence

On july 5th, Republic of Algeria celebrates its independence from France in 1962. after been invaded by the French in 1830, Algeria remained under France’s control for 132 years.

Fun and Interesting Facts about  Algeria

  • Algeria is from an Arabic word  Al Jazain, meaning “the Islands,” the small islands along the coastline of the capitol Algiers.
  •  Algeria was formerly the Barbary Coast (a corruption of Berber)  notorious for  pirates who were after Christians.
  •  Largest country in Africa located in northern Africa with a beautiful setting on the coast of the Mediterranean ocean
  •  National Football team in Algeria is “Les Fennecs” and also The national animal is  the Fennec fox.
  • Key attributes of the Algerian national character are courtesy and formality.
  • 98% of the countries exports are Petroleum and natural gas.While 2% of the country’s exports are fossil fuels
  • The Sahara Dessert covers Over 90% of the country whereas only 12% has habitats .
  • Only seven of the country’s architectural sites of significant historical interest are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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