In Togo, the drinking water supply network in the Savanes region will be extended precisely to the localities of Dapaong and Naki-est. The minister in charge of urban planning and housing, Koffi Tsolenyanu, launched the works at the end of last week in the prefecture of Tône.

In Dapaong, 40 km of the network will be deployed in 10 neighborhoods, benefiting 2,500 people, while in Naki-Est, around 5,000 people will benefit from 4 boreholes, a water tower with an estimated capacity of between 100 and 300 m3, and 33 standpipes.

Said works will be carried out in support of the population of these localities threatened since November 2021 by terrorist groups. They will be financed by the Infrastructure and Urban Development Project (PIDU) valued at 16 billion FCFA granted by the World Bank on IDA resources.

These works come on top of those relating to the construction of autonomous water stations (PEA) in the country, particularly in the Savanes region, within the framework of the actions of the Togolese executive to strengthen the food and water supply system. distribution of drinking water in the northern zone.

This extension is also a further step for the country’s authorities who are aiming by 2025 for access rates of 85% nationally, 95% in rural areas, 85% in semi-urban areas, 75% in urban areas outside Grand Lomé, and 80% in Grand Lomé


SOURCE: TogoFirst

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