Ethiopian airlines has successfully removed papers from its business processes

As a result on going green, Africa largest airline ( Ethiopian Airlines) has digitalized all its business processes like air craft maintenance, flight operation, commercial operation and finance. Others tends to include; human resources management, customer services, procurement and supply chain management, online learning, authorization and management approvals, etc. To remove paper all this processes are now shifted to e-platform.

The initiative would remove paper from the entire system according to a statement issued in Accra and signed by Hanna Atnafu, manager, corporate communications, Ethipian Airlines.

Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde Gabremariam said, ” the digitization project started the last few years, today marks an important milestone in our history as we are removing paper entirely from our business processes”.

According to the statement, the airline tends to be leading in digital revolution and have advantage on the latest advancement in the Information and Communication Technology of the global airline industry, to scale up its operational excellence, customer intimacy and cost reduction strategies.

The statement stated that the continued success depends on the  strategic response and the abilities to adapt to the velocity, breadth and depth and scale of the quantum changes coming  to Ethiopian airline way.

the CEO added by saying, “To this effect, we have embedded digitization in our organizational operating system with our valued customers in our mind”.

The statement explains that the airline move wants an environmentally friendly operation. the statement mentioned that the airline runs the youngest , latest aviation technology and most environmental friendly fleet with less carbon emission on the environment.




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