European Union (EU) to help revitalize dwindling Zimbabwean agricultural sector with US$ 7 million.

Zimbabwe have been experiencing a consist shrink in its agricultural industry since it’s President, Robert Mugabe, handed over white farmers seized land to former liberation war fighters.

Agriculture, been one of the major key players in most African economies, the European Union (EU) has agreed to provide a financial boost to the Zimbabwean Agricultural sector. This boost which is valued at US$7m is to aid in the rejuvenation of the sector.

The EU during the agreement had this to say, “Service provision to the Agricultural Sector has eroded over time an is largely ineffective and inefficient in supporting value chain development and rural development in an agricultural and farming landscape that has significantly changed.”

They also added, “It is therefore critical to re-think and re-define relevant, farmer-centric and value chain-oriented services and to develop a robust framework for their sustainable and efficient delivery.”

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