Central bank of Egypt (CBE) to offer 23 investors treasury bills (T-bills).

Over twenty-nine foreign and domestic investors has offer to invest in the Central bank of Egypt (CBE) treasury bills (T-bills). The T-bill which was issued out this week will allow bank to subscribe with a minimum of US$100,000.

Central bank of Egypt offer the investor the deal on behalf of the ministry of finance. The interest rate on this bills is based on a number of indicators.

Such indicators include; the USD liquidity in the market, alternative investment from banks and Egypt credit rating.

The CBE is accept the offer which will be for one year. Meanwhile, the interest rate accepted by CBE in the tender was 3.85% as lower price, 3.89% as higher price and 3.87% on an average.

CBE also plans to accept only 23 offers from the investors which will be worth US$1billion.


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