Abdelkader Mazar, central director in charge of communication of the National Agency for Studies and Monitoring, announced the inauguration recently of the Tissemsilt-Boughezoul-M’sila railway line. The 290 km long infrastructure connects five different communities, including Tissemsilt, Tiaret, Djelfa, Médéa, and M’sila. The work was carried out by groups of Algerian public companies.

The line, which will be used for both passenger and freight transportation, should help to open up the regions listed that have not yet been served by the national rail network. It will be possible to run a road-rail modal transfer in this instance. By relieving the strain on these cities’ road networks.

The network is composed of, among other things, engineering buildings, railroad stations, subterranean corridors, and ticketing areas. As well as parking lots, commercial establishments, etc. in addition to the rails.

According to Mazar, the project involved building two sections, the first of which covered 151km between M’sila and Boughezoul. The second covered 139km between Boughezoul and Tissemsilt. The two sections’ combined top speed was 160 km/h

The first section was built by a group of public companies comprised of Cosider-Ouvrages d’art (Lead partner), Infrarail, Seror, and Estel Rail Automation. The second section was supported by a group of public companies comprised of Infrafer (Lead partner) as well as GCB, Sapta, Engoa, Estel Rail Automation, and SetiRail.

A group of public firms composed of the SetiRail, Sidem, and Setor companies for the first portion and the Saeti, Sidem, and Seta group for the second section have also been charged with the monitoring and supervision of this Tissemsilt-Boughezoul-M’sila railway line project.

The director of ANESRIF said, “These Algerian enterprises, having a long expertise in the completion of huge infrastructure projects, have provided a new railway line built to modern standards and equipped with all signaling and communication systems.


SOURCE: Agenceecofin

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