Zimbabwe’s Harare International Airport is set to be renamed after the southern African country’s long-time president Robert Mugabe, a report say.

Harare International Airport is located 15 kilometres south of Zimbabwe’s capital. It has Africa’s longest runway at 4 725 metres.

A memo issued in early September by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe read: “Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC): With effect from 9 November 2017 Harare International Airport will be renamed R. G. Mugabe International Airport.”

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (Caaz)  has issued a notice to airlines and pilots worldwide informing them of the changes. The airport, currently codenamed HRE, is expected to be assigned a new international code.

Transport Minister Jorum Gumbo said cabinet has approved the renaming of Zim’s man airport. He argues that Mugabe deserves recognition.

“If you see his contribution to the liberation struggle, education and empowerment of the people of Zimbabwe and Africa, you will see that he has a rich legacy that has to be preserved and his history should not be erased even as people visit our country,” says Gumbo.



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