The recent heavy rains being experienced in the country have exposed the poor quality of work that was undertaken during the renovation of terminals at JKIA, Kenya’s most important gateway.

The Deputy President lamented the state of JKIA renovations, a project that was executed at considerable cost, is now tarnishing the engineering profession’s reputation.

“JKIA was done at a massive cost, but today it’s a shame to the profession of engineers. Public resources were spent, and today we feel sorry. We may want to look at the law where professionals are held accountable for lapses, and probably they become capable criminally,” Gachagua stated.

Speaking during the 30th Institution of Engineers of Kenya Convention and the 18th General Assembly World Council of Engineers at Pride Inn Beach Resort in Mombasa, Gachagua said the JKIA’s leaking roofs serve as a wake-up call for the engineering community.

The incident at JKIA stands as a reminder that public safety and trust hinge on the competence and ethics of those at the helm of engineering endeavours.

Gachagua asserted the importance of cracking down on quacks in the engineering profession, urging the need for accountability among professionals.

“I agree we need to deal with quacks, and many people professing to be engineers are not even here today attending this conference,” said Gachagua.

He said five per cent of engineers lack integrity.

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