Africa’s infrastructure over the last decade has been in a terrible state, especially the road network. Over time, we have seen so much negative information coming out from the Continent when it comes to the road but the story of Kunle Adeyanju just proved that things can be in other if only the government of the said countries pay more attention.

The story of Kunle Adeyanju is quite interesting and brings hope back to the beautiful continent of Africa that more is needed when it comes to our road network as well as the belief that the security aspect of the continent is seriously improving.

The journey itself is quite a remarkable feat as it has not only shown the world what the African continent offers but has in turn increased the growing concern with the END POLO movement that has been affecting the continent for a very long time.

On the 19th of April 2022, Kunle started this journey that was meant to last 25days covering a total distance of 12,000km. The route was London – France – Spain – Gibraltar – Morocco – Western Sahara – Mauritania – St Louis – Senegal – Gambia – Mali – Cote d’Ivoire – Ghana – Togo – Benin – Lagos.


The main aim of the route was aimed at a charity ride that was billed to END POLO on the continent, However, the Charity Ride turned into what could only be described as something quite extraordinary.

Below is a video link for where the Charity Ride funds raised will go to;

The charity ride did not just make Kunle popular on social media, it made people wonder how African roads are secure and in good working condition for the journey of a lifetime.

During the Ride, there were many obstacles such as heavy rainfall as the temperature was close to a freezing point with a strong very strong crosswind which was witnessed on Day 2, the blockade in Mali that was designed to target the military junta that did the coup which was eventually overcome by Kunle.

On the 25th of April, he dropped a tweet, of his arrival in Morocco with a caption stating “Breaking News, I am in Africa” which got a lot of people talking.  He found a challenge with the Sahara Desert, and the city of Laayoune during his ride but eventually overcome it.


Despite the various challenges that must have faced Kunle, it is worth pointing out that the road network in Africa can only get better if a proper plan and maintenance culture is given by our leaders.

Before now, few people will wonder how possible it was for Kunle to go through but the reality is that any and everything is possible if you have a proper plan.

The ride has also shown the rich culture that Africa possesses. According to Kunle, ‘’ Africa is not just about the safari’s, the jungle, & as portrayed by media, rather, the people the culture & the diversity of the African continent tells a much more interesting & better story that the safari’s & the jungle, there is so much more to Africa than safari & jungle’’

In this trip of traveling 11,301km across Africa, I have enjoyed the spirit of African hospitality that I never knew existed, people are nice, I did not experience any insecurity issues as portrayed in the western media as Africa being a hotbed of evil.’’

The journey of a lifetime by Kunle is something that will forever be remembered on the African continent as it has created an impression in the heart of Africans that our road network can only get better and safer if more attention and input is been placed on it by our respective leaders.


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